i did it

One month, folks. I was facebookless for one whole month (yay 28-day February). And what have I learned?

It is DARNED HARD to facebook stalk when one hasn't a facebook!

Buuut it was refreshing. Oh, and you people who gave me unsolicited advice on time management and avoiding extremes? Minus 20 brownie points. MARKED DOOOWN!

Next. Remember that one time we got goldfish that lasted like 55.2 hours? Well, today we used betta fish in our evolutionary biology lab (you betta believe it! WAHAH!). Stop freaking, it was completely humane. There was no dumping of two fish into the same cup. It was still fun, though, because we "battled" them by having tournaments to see which fish were the most dominant in manliness-display competitions.

"It's not technically a display of manliness."
"Shoot me."

(Insert sarcasm here) Turns out our group was lucky enough to land the 5 most peace-loving bettas. After switching most of our whole batch out, we finally got 2 fighters. Lucifer and Clifford. In case you are wondering, the dociles' names are as follows: Tim, Korihor, Nemo, and Flamer.

(In case you are wondering #2. Betta males are extremely territorial - at least the inbred ones you get from the pet store. In NATURE, they rarely get into physical fights; instead, they size each other up by displaying their gill flaps and fins. The bettas get a good idea of who would win without actual combat, and one will usually back down. We "battled" our fish by putting their cups were by each other. Humane. "What about the STRESS?". -ish.)

At the end, we MANLINESS-battled the champions from each group. I think Nephi ended up beating out everyone - even Lucifer. If you are interested, we can send representatives to your house. THE POINT IS... Tomorrow, they're giving away the fish after the last section, so I claimed Clifford. And I haven't been this excited since I found a dollar AND THE TOOTH under my pillow.

I shall call him Clifford, and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Clifford.

Hopefully betta fish are sturdier than goldfish.

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