pre-mortal swiend

Today, I went shopping.

(This is a mildly bad idea because I've been reading a novel about a multi-millionaire, and every time I put down the book, I feel like a multi-millionaire, which I'm not.)

Back at the clearance rack... I was a-browsin' when I came across a sweater that I swear I knew in the pre-mortal existence. Don't tell me you've never experienced this sort of connection with articles of clothing. It looks AWESOME.

Cashier: "Oh, these sweaters are so nice."

Me: "Yeah, I love it!"

Cashier: "My BROTHER had one like this."

Me: "Sorry, this is a men's sweater?"

Cashier: "Yeah, the fabric is so light, but he had it for four years."

Yes. My pre-mortal sweater friend (aka swiend) is a MANSWEATER, but I'm not posting a picture of my beloved because you will probably see me sometime in said sweater. Heck yes.

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