the consensus

Q: So do you believe in global warming?

Me: The globe IS warming. THAT isn't the debate.

Q: No it isn't, it's actually cooling. Just look at a graph.

Me: A GRAPH?! What are your sources?!

Q: The New York Times.. the.. Census Bureau.

Me: THE CENSUS BUREAU?! Do you even know what that IS?

Q: ...


Q: Oh, I meant the CONsensus.

^ This was just like the time a couple of weeks ago when

Me: I wonder who managed to book Condoleeza Rice for a forum.

Q: Yeah, I know! I'm so glad she DIDN'T GET OFF THE BUS.

Dear audience, you will be relieved to know this person was JOKING. He was completely serious going about it, but he was joking. (He named Rosa Parks once he realized my jaw was going to dislocate.) The sad thing is, I know some people who would 1) not even catch it or 2) actually say these things. I'm sure lots of people would.

Just check the Consensus Bureau.

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