oh the joy

Prof Hemur: See, the trick to learning the Krebs cycle is being able to follow the carbons. You start with two sets of three: three and three. Which is six *writes on board* and then six again, but that's before you lose one, which by then is already six, not three and three. Then that's five. *doing the finger trick* Then we lose one more, right? FOUR! *losing fingers all over the place*

Class: *cramming*

Prof Hemur: (continues) and after it is four for five more conformations, then we add another two plus two plus two, which is?


Neighboring students: *turn heads*

Me: ... Wow. That. That is rather tricky, isn't it?

Fren': Isn't basic college addition and subtraction a prerequisite to biochemistry?

Me: =.=

Fren': It's alright, I haven't taken the second half either.

Story of my life. Since I finally bought a watch (yaay target) I'm diverting my time to finding a fashionable bib. I drool way too much in this class. Good thing we have a test next week.

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