If ever you are craving an unnatural sensation, put a band-aid in your armpit.

I went to the dermatologist to get my suspicious axillary mole removed. I thought it was suspicious, but according to the doctor, I probably won't ever get skin cancer. I'll just get really wrinkly.

found at an "angry asian" blog

I'm pretty sure the mole was fighting off my craving for cheeseburgers because they are all I can think of now. I've been able to fight off the beast for three days already. What have I realized from this experience? Two things. 1) I have really lousy friends and 2) intense longings are painful.

Me: Fren', if I don't eat a cheeseburger, I WILL die.
Fren': Oh there's this really good place on 9th. Their burgers are the BEST!!
Me: You don't understand! Do you know how unhealthy they are?
Fren': That doesn't mean anything. You're Asian, it won't do anything to you.
Me: No that's not the point. Let's do that again. This time, tell me to eat celery. Go!
Fren': You know, the burgers are really good, but the fries are EVEN BETTER!!

Kidney stones found here.

Actually I'm probably having more of an agony craving. No, misery? OH I don't know. If "Agony" is more of a screaming hurt and "Misery" is cold and wet dungeon hurt... It's more of a misery craving; the agony will occasionally emerge.

Give me back my mole.


  1. As someone who has suffered from Kidney stones more than once I will say as interesting as those pictures were they made me want to scream at the screen at the same time, "You ruin my life!" :) Okay maybe not really but I think you get the point. So did you ever go get that cheeseburger...er I mean celery? Does that mean when we see you the day after Thanksgiving we should bring veggies or is a "treat" still alright?

  2. Oh, I am so up for treats. Hah! I did end up getting myself a cheeseburger for exercising. But I really thought about you when we were learning about kidney stones. I just found it funny they made a distinction between agony, pain, and misery.


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