alien says

"Humans are weird."

A couple of months ago, Bonbon won a goldfish at some sort of carnival.

- Conversation about our futures -
Lilsis: Oh, and we have a goldfish.
Me: uh, WHAT?!
- Conversation about our futures continues -

My mom cannot stand pets. We have never successfully kept a single pet for longer than one month. Either because they jump under the microwave, we cannot find worms to feed them, they poop under radiators, or the silly children let them "run free in the wild." No wonder.

We had a single goldfish. Then someone decided that he/she was too bored, so they went to Walmart to get some friends for him/her. I came home to 3 fish just swimming around in tupperware. No biggie.

The saddest part about having goldfish, though, is that they are not doing anything. They would swim and swim around the container. They glob-glob and swim, but that's all. I always felt a little sorry for them and tried to imagine how bored they were - until last night.

I went ice skating. I would skate and skate around the rink. Some alien is looking down and wondering, "who broke the humans?" Honestly, I could've kept skating circles - FOREVER! I didn't even have an objective. Me = Bambi on ice.

So are fish having a blast? Like me, they're probably not worried about technique or learning new tricks. Just going along with it was fun. (Objective: YOU MUST HAVE FUN!?!) I guess some of us are just weird like that.

R.I.P. Goldfish

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