h-hilo officer

I just barely left the library where a police officer was standing guard at the exit.

I don't know if it's just me, but whenever I see an officer in uniform, I do three things. 1) Check for a gun. 2) Check for a taser. 3) Act as unsuspicious as possible.

The third is probably the most difficult. As I'm approaching them, I think, "YEAH dude, JUSTICE!!" That's my confidence phase. I don't hesitate to make eye contact and give a friendly and innocent smile. Because a criminal, of course, would be busy trying to hide themselves in the crowd.

As I get closer, I start second guessing myself. "But that's what an intelligent criminal would do." So I try to do what they would usually do if they weren't thinking about what they were doing. Get that? I act like a criminal because a criminal would do his best not to act like a criminal. I'm not making it any better am I...

Anyway, I leave the situation feeling pretty good about myself for having outsmarted the officer. He would have never guessed I did anything that I didn't do.

YEAAAAH It's bedtime.

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