Today for our "family time :)" game, we played mafia.

Now, if I were a detective trying to figure out who committed a crime, I would put all the suspects in a room and we would play mafia. Watch as one day, I will become the most famous detective. My secret? Well, now you know.

OH! But today, once we got back from our meeting, we headed to the backyard garden. We had planted the seeds and let it go wild!! For a couple of months now, we have been picking thigh-sized zucchini and the occasional cucumber, but since it's been so overgrown, we haven't noticed the peas wrapping around everything else. Peas, and tomatoes, and grapes, oh my!

The grapes have actually come over our backyard neighbor's fence. Our backyard neighbor is a chemistry professor. The chemistry professor now has peas growing in his grapes. I don't know how they managed to climb up there since we set out those neat metal things, but they have officially breached the fence. You're very welcome.

What I'm excited about:
- the end of zucchini season (if you want to grow them, one or two plants are perfect. Five and you're having boiled zucchini for the rest of your life.)
- cherry tomatoes !!!

Signin' out,
Detective/Farmer Vick

Aren't dey just so eedy beedy cute?!

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