Before reading anything else, I say, "start the movie!"

Oh gee, Vicky, you're so cultured. Um no. This is what happens when you are related to a piano prodigy. (She sounds that splendid). It's excellent when I get to stand by and hold the boquets of flowers after performances with the wherever symphony. However backwards it may be, I love when people recognize me as "Verina's sister." I'm thrilled when people tell us how they cried during her performance. It's nice to have a claim to fame.

Then there are times when I am napping and have a horrifying dream of hiding from no other than the all-seeing Godzilla just to wake up to the pounding out of the same phrase. *fist shake* darn the grand!! How does anyone practice for 3 hours? You play the same things over and over again. It was quite lovely, actually, when she had Chopin, but then she graduated on to Lizst and Rachmaninoninoff.

It is raining right now and lilsis is practicing Rachmaninoff, which means there is a vibe in this house; aaand I need to get off the computer because Godzilla is coming.

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