Dear fellow Benson building tenants,


Did you hear that? GRANOLA!!!

How long have these 65 cent packets of delish been there? It doesn't matter, because I just discovered them TODAY!

Can I tell you how hungry I was before I went down the the machines? I was wondering why I didn't take an extra spoon of oatmeal this morning and then I started thinking about that leftover steak from last night. Because if I ate it all last night, I would be that much more full. And then I was fantasizing about those breakfast buffets in Taiwan. Those were pivotal moments, and had I taken advantage of them, I wouldn't have been so darned hungry!

Usually, I'll go scrounging about for vending machine food like poptarts or goldfish, but the vending machine gods must have been pleased with my pacing ritual because right before I settled to buy a granola bar (boooring) I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a bag of granola (way less boring!!)!!!

I kid you not, it could have come straight from a movie. I stopped and turned my head with a flourish and laid my eyes on a beautiful, shirtless, nicely-toned bag of granola fresh from swimming in an ocean of oats.

Total calorie count:
+240 amount in 1 package
-180 burned during cardio
-200 converted directly into "YAY GRANOLA" excitement
-140 calories
(It totally works)

Yes, yes, I know. My summer has been that exciting.

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Man? False.
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Bananana? Clearly.

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