Me: Oh man, I'm getting fat... :(

Pops: You're not fat. How much do you weigh?

Me: (how much I weigh)

Pops: WHAT?!

Me: *-* (irrelevant confession: I don't know what that emoticon means, but I imagine that's what my face looked like. My eyes are really talented.)

Pops: Don't all girls weigh under 90 pounds??!!


I'm just kidding about the crying part, but the rest of it is completely true. No, Dad, healthy strapping young girls like me definitely weigh more than 90 lbs.

I understand that by the American standard, I am NOT fat, but Asian girls are on a completely different (ie. 90 lbs.) standard, and by that standard, I am pushing tubby. There's also the fact that you can be skinny but still un-fit. That's why I've had a "lifestyle change." <-- google "diet" and this is all you get.

Going to the gym (1.5 months) - woo hoo *wrist wave*. I've been going almost every single day! The thing I don't get is how my brothers check out girls there. I mean I pray that guys aren't really looking at me because all they're going to get is - oh yuck I don't even want to think about it.

Taking the stairs - did anyone else see the trailer for Devil?

Oatmeal - actually derived from 2 words. Oat and meal. Horses eat oats.

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