first day letters

Dear Biochem,
Every semester has a middle child that makes me cry. You are it. "See, you just put an extra carbon here and then it's called alanine. Isn't that easy?" Yes, easy schmeasy cheesy. Just twirl it 3 times, make it aromatic, give it a party hat, and it's called Schumasterine. No sweat.

Dear Pathophysiology,
As long as you don't continue to spring upon me pictures of gangrene, extreme lacerations, or "cottage cheese-looking" caseous necrosis, I think we'll get along fine.

Dear Chinese,
Oh how I've missed taking a language class. Also, thanks for bringing along my horribly lopsided finger from practicing characters. I just don't remember the "No English" rule being so strict...

Dear byu.edu,
Way to crash. I am both grateful and amused. Grateful I printed off my schedule yesterday. Amused at everyone else who didn't.

Dear Mixy in pathophys,
Marry me? We'd have the cutest bilingual 3/4 Asian children ever.
You think I'm just kidding, don't you?

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