chricky children

Today, I made a discovery.

Of course, this finding was made in the mother-room of all great revelations. The restroom. (Don't worry, I was fully clothed when I took this picture. Fully clothed, atop the toilet, carefully aiming my desk lamp with my left hand, and holding the camera with my right. Oh the sweat and tears.)

I am a little hesitant publicizing this picture. Frankly, it's embarrassing, because now you all know our family secret. Now you know why we are all so confident and powerful in dealing with people. *Badum ching*

That book is actually irrelevant.

It's the yellow one that I had never seen before. Unfortunately (I'm kidding), this book is not a guide to manipulating one's parents as the complete title includes "Tactics used by children of all ages and ways parents can turn the tables." At first, I thought it silly that one of my parents bought (or worse - was gifted) such a book. Then I remembered how devious we were as kids, and naturally, our parents need to keep on their toes.

In my humble opinion, we were some clever buggers. For instance, we all know when we've finished a box of cereal, sometimes we can take out the bag and there will be surprise tidbits left in the box, and it's like "WOOHOO! More kix!" Well, every time the cereal passed me, I would take a handful, slip it out of the bag, and let it drop to the bottom of the box. That way, when others were pouring crumbs, I would have the real last bowl.

Or those other times when I would carefully calculate how much toilet paper I would need to be sure I could take the second or third-to-last square. If times were needy, I could even strip a third off the last piece. But I would never peel off the entire Last Square - for it goes to the one who fetches the new roll.

We kids were also proficient in blackmailing each other. For my own safety, I won't disclose any more. The point is, we would apply this mental aptitude to manip- er to get out of practicing violin and such... *cough* But I've changed my ways!!

I'm realizing now that the more I think about it, the more I'm worried about my future tots.

At least they'll be bilingual?

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