yeh, good idea.

It's kind of weird being back at work. I keep anticipating the next time we'll go out for hot pot, or go to the beach. No luck. Instead, I'm at my experiments and relearning modified protocols - I think the beach is still a better idea. However, I do like the way we pass time here. Most of the time, it's Grad numero dos quoting Gone with the Wind ("I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' no babies!"), asking controversial questions, or singing oldies.

Grad2: People who grow up learning Chinese can memorize really well. Native English-speakers are more innovative. So would you rather have Chinese or English be your kids' first language?

Me: Both.

Grad2: Well, there has to be a first first language.

Me: Maybe I'll raise them with Chinglish.


Me: Nevermind, that's a bad idea.


Me: Oh I know! I'm going to marry someone who speaks flawless Mandarin, I speak English, and we'll just talk to our kids in those languages!

Thought bubble:
Spouse: 你媽媽是一個白癡!
Me: What did your father just call me?!
Kids: An imbecile.
Me: The nerve! Well you can tell him...


Grad2: Yeh, good idea. haha That'll make for a healthy relationship.

Me: Well, at least my children will be bilingual.

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