One thing that has been pestering me is the family politics.

Ma and Pa are both immigrants to the states, which means all of our family is here in Taiwan. We mind our own business, skype our relatives once or twice a year, and send birthday cards (usually in illegible Chinese or incomprehensible English). Grandpa Lin will come to Ptown maybe every 1 or 2 years to sign our furniture. Even though our parents call home pretty often, we are really secluded from our Taiwanese kin. I don't even know my Grandparents' names.

Now here we are, plopped in a culture where economic and professional success are usually valued above developing personal character and enriching family bonds. Family: Isn't it about time? Nope, more like Family: keep your paws off my dinero (but in Chinese).

I do have to give credit to those families who do put family first here, since there are many. Unfortunately, though, our extended family isn't one of those.

Tomorrow, we're heading to "Small people country." (Midgets? It's almost as bad as our toothpaste labeled "Black person") We can't invite the cutest little Howard because of these family politics. We aren't allowed to invite Xiao JoJo's family to luncheons involving Meimei aiyi. We must be careful to not mention that "one barbeque on Sunday" when in front of certain family members.

It's insane. But it isn't as bad as it was once gramps declared who would get what inheritance. Of course the girls (ma included) didn't get any. Yadda yadda ya.

Besides that, Taiwan is a Jolly fine (HUMID) place. The mosquitoes have apparently tagged me as a native, the food (when clean) is exquisite, and the night market is incredibly fun.

We're flying to Utah on Saturday. It should be a good thing :)

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