disclaimer: prepare to have your senses bombarded with a very ugly picture. Of me.
Refrain from reading on if you are pregnant, old, blind, or otherwise impaired.

Thank you, Yahoo.com, for making my day.
Just in case you're curious, the article can be found here.

I regularly skim through Yahoo's headlines to read up on "secret" weddings, feng shui, bizarre athlete injuries,
how to dress like the hottest celebs for only $140 (hooray), and Gaga's latest fashion mishaps.
Lindsay Lohan updates are also conveniently at my fingertips.

Though some of their pictures are clever and occasionally aesthetically pleasing,
I have not, until today, come across one so incredibly hilarious.
By incredibly hilarious, I mean the inception of hysterical laughter.

This kind of laughter.
heh hehe *laugh through nose* mmmph

Try using that photo for articles concerning your children's grades, sewer critters,
or even the diversity of baboon bottom colors, but spell check?

Ok fine, I guess it's hard to think of a good "omigosh I can't believe I spelled it right" face.

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  1. that is hilarious :) (did i comment correctly as to convey my meaning? or are you going to de-friend me now while lrlwamcaeasfcr?)


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