A) You're weird.

B) haha You're weird.

C) You're weird XD. (Mom: What does "X - D" stand for?)

Admit it. At the sight of option A, your inner crowd-pleaser cringed. Admit it. You have an Inner Crowd-Pleaser. The condition of the ICP matters, and because it (at least mine) matters, I have dedicated this post to sending an important message. It is as follows:

Dear friends and colleagues,

I CAN'T TELL! When you write or text, "You stole my profile picture," I imagine a very angry, very evil you browsing through my pictures. ICP shot. Preface it with "haha" or add any emoticon, and all of the sudden I can tell. Do note, though, that "lol" is dry and useless. Lol and all of its cousins. Lrlwamcaeasfcr (laughing really loud while at my computer and eating a salad from cafe rio), however, works.

For example:
Unacceptable - That is hilarious and Lol that is hilarious.
Acceptable - Haha That is hilarious or That is hilarious :) or even That is hilarious >:]

So I'm asking you now to please make this distinction. Are you or are you not angrily and evilly brooding over your monitor/cell phone?

If you don't, I'm afraid I will have to unfriend you lrlwamcaeasfcr.

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Man? False.
Bat? False.
Bananana? Clearly.

banananananananananana batmaaan