Did this and this and...

Just now I realized I'm too lazy to say it all, so here's a little blah for you. (or should I say h00blah? - har har har)

June 22 - We woke up to catch the sunrise, which was super special since at the southernmost tip, we were surrounded by 3 different bodies of water: the Taiwan Strait, the Pacific, and Indian Oceans.
I should mention the hotel we stayed in owned part of the beach. Since the sun was out, no one was out on the beach (yippee!). They preferred swimming in the shaded pools that look over the beach.
Now we're snorkeling for the first time. Seeing all the fish (I had no idea there were so many!) was almost as exciting as putting on the cool power ranger tighties. No, I take it back. It was cooler. I'm a huge fan of snorkeling now.

Later that day, we did this (whatever it's called - extreme hiking?)
+ flip flops
- insect repellent
- sun
- flash lights
Grateful we're alive

June 23-24: We left the cool hotel and started our return to Taipei. We stopped in a really nice hotel and finally got to do some shopping. Everything here seems to be in one size though. One size too small for me. Lilsis had a blast. I had a rough time in the changing rooms. Hopefully I'll have more luck at the night markets.

June 25: After saying goodbyes to our bus driver, we had to scramble to gather instruments and music for the fireside on Saturday.

June 26: Fireside day. We had been asked on Sunday to organize a 1.5 hour program with music and talks, but since we were out of town, we had until 3 to get everything together, which we did. Point for us. Boo-yah!
I guess I've been eating too much. So much that my little cousins (yes, the two in the middle are twins) find it extremely funny to tease me about the "baby in my tummy." They were even yelling it into the karaoke mics. "Vicky's baby is going to be so ugly!" Even when we were playing Telephone, guess what the topic was - every time.

Now it's the 27th. I don't have a clue what we're doing this week :)

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