15 Things you should know about Taiwan.

1) The sun rises at 5 am and sets around 7 pm.

2) Mosquitoes only bite foreigners. I’m serious.

3) Happy cows make good cheese. Chinese cows make really really weird milk.

4) Everyone is sticky. I can never tell if it’s the humidity or my own sweat.

5) Some people wear shirts with English words. When they make sense, they usually don’t mean what they read.

6) Anything of value in plain sight will probably be stolen.

7) Speed limit signs are in km/hr, not mph. (No, they don't expect your car to go 100 mph)

8) Taxi drivers will run red lights to get to you.

9) Those girls in clear houses wearing skimpy clothes aren’t what you think they are. As you can see from the flashing signs, they’re selling coconut seeds.

10) Every lane in traffic is a passing lane.

11) People don’t really mind ambulances.

12) The women are deathly afraid of getting dark skin.

13) You need to bring your own paper if you're using a public restroom. I learned the hard way.

14) Most people speak Mandarin and Taiwanese, the older people speak Taiwanese. Taiwanese-speaking grandparents + Mandarin-understanding kids = charades of the century.

15) The Taiwanese people work their tails off for what they have. What they have usually isn't much.

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