I'm an April Fool

I thought 3-31-10 was 4-1-10. Normally, that would be fine, but not when you work in a lab and label everything to be frozen away. Frozen away in a -80C fahreezer! No sir, I will not open it again.

Anywho, my ukubebe arrived last Montag, and it is incredible! Learning the violin for 15 years was like learning to ride a bike (plus 14 years and 6 months), and strumming it out on the uke is like -- it's like doing DRUGS! AHA just kidding... but really. T-shirt idea: I don't have a boyfriend, I have a uke.

Hobbies. I think people need to pick up hobbies. Facebook isn't a hobby. It seems to me as if people (excluding me..) with hobbies are happier, healthier, and super fun to be around! You, go find a uke - instant hobby --> instant happiness.

I think there's a Chinese saying about it... Yeah there probably is.

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