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When I opened a new tab to show my friend my facebook stalkee (if you want to go on a date with lilsis, you better just take everything offline) I was embarrassed to see that one of my "top sites" included a picture with skin, chub, and boobs. man boobs. Hello! It's not porn. It's postsecret, and I swear I don't visit it that often - sometimes once a week. How it surpassed ukuleleunderground.com is beyond me.

I'm sure you can learn some things from a person's top sites.

I'll leave the deducing to you, but boy do I feel cool that I left my uke music hanging out in the background.

Finally, as slow as I may be, I was struck with a pebble of inspiration. I am the only person who has ever seen what I've seen, done what I've done, and felt what I've felt, so why the insecurities? I am the only person that is ME, and you are the only person that is YOU, so love it, savor it, and better it. If someone doesn't like it, then learn to love, savor, and better theirs.

So there it is. Who knows what you'll think of facebook being #1 or my own blog being #3 (*facepalm*)? This is all part of a self-prescribed exercise: This is what I like to do.

(What I want right now: a hammock, sunshine, a Pacific Islander's voice.)

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