5 minutes

"Vicky," I said, "because finals are coming up, you have only five minutes to blog."
Great, 2 minutes to write and 3 to edit and re-edit.

I have a yen for:
A taser gun
A crazy-but-coherent non-familial best friend.


  1. What does that even mean??? My brain's currently in a puddle on the floor due to term papers, so go easy on me.

  2. Dang, I'm so glad I don't have to do any papers.. Good luck with those.

    Do you mean "have a yen for"? It's the same as craving. But seriously, it takes me forever to edit and re-edit my posts, so here's the product of 5 minutes =]


Man? False.
Bat? False.
Bananana? Clearly.

banananananananananana batmaaan