hooplah vs. hoopla

The last "h" makes the word so much more yuch -- it's the signal that screams "Here is where the word ENDS. Seek no further." It's the friend that declares the awkward hangout/date over. Without it, the "a" wanders out through the ears and leaves only when everyone is flushed. Apparently, though, the big kahunaaas and grand poobaaas don't think so, for the latter is the "correct" spelling. Correct my djibbah.

Today I thought the girl sitting at the opposite table was giving me a thumbs up. Mayhaps, I thought, for being Asian? Or possibly even because I use an environmentally-friendly stainless steel bottle. Turns out it was just the right hand rule - I should've known better seeing that we were in the physics lab. Pass it forward.

An electron traveling out towards the audience encounters a magnetic field that runs from left to right. What direction will the force on the electron by the magnetic field be?

That's right, SaraH. Up.

random side note: Does Sarah Palin seem Canadian? I can't consciously fit her into any of my Canadian stereotypes, but she's definitely a Canadian.

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