Attention Deficient

Quick, someone diagnose me with ADD while I pretend to study O-chem. WAAAIT! Where's my gum? HAHA --> google search: hibachi --> google search: Find Chuck Norris [I'm feeling lucky]
Conclusion: Youtube comments section is having a sale. It has overstocked imbeciles.


Wouldn't it be funny if I rounded up ALL the Asians in this here building (my estimate: 20) and we all stood under the "Asian Collection" sign? Get it? WE are the Asian Collection!
Conclusion: Oh crap, it's already 10:00.

But I wanted to play the uke when I got home... Hmmm maybe I can find a nice Hawaiian name for her. It's a she, you see, because -- well, I think I've filled my queepy quota for today.
Conclusion: GLUCOSE!

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Man? False.
Bat? False.
Bananana? Clearly.

banananananananananana batmaaan