finally finals

Let me preface this by saying we aren't as humorous as we think.  Finals begin next week.

Let's be honest; I'm not drinking all that water to maintain my health for finals.  Rather, I'm affording myself more frequent bathroom breaks. 


See, but that was so clever! 


School without Gravity

My mom has been going through some old pictures and things.  She showed me this pile of gems.  Keep posted.

Listen, if I was the only one not flying, I'd be pretty mad, too.


aw, you guys

And here is where I try to express all the gratitude I have for the angles (purposefully misspelled as to save 'yalls from death by cheese) in my life!

To the Kitchens,
Especially Jaclyn who I have always admired - ever since YW!  Thanks for being my great example; I wouldn't have made it out of my living-out experience alive if I didn't have your steady head.  Well, if YOU didn't have your steady head, but I like to think how you would handle things when I'm down.  And I have yet to experience a time when David and Austin aren't smiling.  Thanks for taking time to visit us (Oh, and especially your Agon)!  You guys really save the day!

To Mikayla,
Who is such an incredible person!  Maybe you don't remember, but I had that fondue party that one time, and you said you would come, and you came all the way from American Fork!  That was completely life-changing for me, and I rethought my whole life's definition for "commitment," and I'm being totally serious when I say I'm now a better person because of you.  I wish all the best for you and Nate; you are easily the classiest couple I know.  I'm SO excited to meet Mikathan babies in the future (BAH totally not awkward).

To Meagan,
Who ties with Broseph for "most humble person I know."  You are headed off to do great things, no matter what they are.  Thanks for being a great friend!  Keep your chin up, you deserve a lot more credit than you think.

To Anne,
Who will be my buddy to infinity and beyond!  Maybe one day I'll learn to work as hard as you.  Here's to walking to and from that one corner on Sunday afternoons.

To Emily,
Why is it that there are so many cool things about you, but you never tell anyone?!  Thanks for the cookies and for being the most patient person in the entire universe.  I'll miss taking you to church and activities with me.  Stay cool!

To everyone else who I haven't mentioned,
I've been so blessed with the most amazing friends and acquaintances.  In fact, I've only hated 3 people in my life, so odds are, you aren't one of them.  JUST kidding.  Everyone I have ever met has some extraordinary talent, hobby, or trait, that I've admired.  So really, thanks, citizens of the world, for helping me become a better person.

See 'yall in 1.5!



Me:  :-(
Mama:  Well, at least you have two nostrils.

You know, that is SO true.


not immune

For the past few hours, I have been sewing little snaps onto my blouses to make them mission modest.  After the second shirt, I thought to myself, "hmm, I don't know why any sewing expert would need a thimble.  I mean, seriously, you have to be some sort of idiot to prick yourself with the needle."

Not two seconds later, I pricked myself with the needle.  Either I must be THAT sort of idiot or thimbles aren't just for morons.  I defect to the latter.



After 3 visits to Park City, ~50 Sister missionary mall runs, and 2 Walmart raids, I think I have all the "necessities."  Here's the rest of my checklist.

- Eradicate "dang it" from my vocabulary
- Hike something
- Ensure Clifford's survival
- Finish that SINGLE chapter in Preach My Gospel, which I was assigned to finish about 3 months ago
- Write a talk about the one thing I have NO funny stories about
- Cut the tags off everything



Lilsis:  Are you crying?
Bon Bon:  No, I'm sweating out of my eyes.

Man? False.
Bat? False.
Bananana? Clearly.

banananananananananana batmaaan